Learning for Life

Fraser Valley School is a co-educational, non-denominational, independent school that fosters learning for life.

We believe our learners will be successful in life if they know who they are and how to live and ‘be’ in the world.

Learning for Life incorporates:

  • Life Learning – focusing on our students’ intellect – what they know, how they learn and how they apply and share their knowledge

  • Life Principles – focusing on our students’ character – who they are

  • Life Giving – focusing on building a strong community and being contributors – what they do

We are an International Baccalaureate World School for the Primary Years Programme (PYP), growing into the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and high school. 

We are a community of courageous contributors. We pride ourselves on being a warm, safe, vibrant and inclusive school community, where students are known and supported.


  • Provide academic, inquiry-based and enriched learning opportunities that teach our learners to be curious, creative influencers and problem-solvers
  • Engage our students in their own learning through an enriched learning environment that supports them to be collaborators, problem-solvers, designers, and self-advocates
  • Build a strong inclusive community that respects the individual differences in people, languages, cultures, religions and diversities to help our learners be kind, community-focused and globally-minded
  • Encourage parents to partner with us, and to collaborate with teachers and staff in the pursuit of a life changing experience for our learners
  • Nurture and support the social, emotional and physical development of each learner in order for them to be brave, kind, compassionate and helpful contributors
  • Foster and support our learners to be confident, caring, gracious and authentic leaders of the future

Our Campuses

Our two campuses are situated near the heart of Langley City and Cloverdale, with easy access for students both locally and from further afield via Highway 1, or the Golden Ears Bridge. Our newly-renovated k-3 facility provides modern and spacious classrooms, a bright learning hub, new student lockers, and a full-sized gymnasium. Our 4-9 campus provides a large learning environment, sizeable athletic fields, and a teaching-kitchen.

Individualized Education

Our unwavering commitment is to individualized education is demonstrated through our small class sizes and ongoing student assessments. Students enjoy a rich educational experience in a caring and nurturing environment. At FVS we believe that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, and students are encouraged to develop a global perspective and concern for others around the world.

Our Community

A great independent school grows from a commitment to its vision and mission, and to its students, both present and future. Fraser Valley School, founded in 2008, is a growing school whose students, parents and faculty are committed to our vision – a community of courageous contributors

Inquiry Based Curriculum

Our inquiry-based curriculum incorporates overarching themes that stimulate problem-solving, creative thinking, collecting and analysing data, investigating ideas and reflecting on conclusions. Classes are delivered by highly qualified and experienced teachers, who ensure the progress of each child through individual and creative planning that encourages and assists their varying learning styles and abilities. Students are provided with learning opportunities to develop their talents and skills, excel in their academic studies and realize their goals.

Arts and Sciences

French is taught from Kindergarten and emphasis is placed upon the acquisition of languages to further international communication. Students are taught greetings in a different language each morning.

Physical Education at FVS is an important part of each day. We promote the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle and believe that it assists our students to focus more effectively with their studies in the classroom. In addition to the two recess breaks, our students participate in various physical education every school day. Activities range from basketball, volleyball, soccer, hockey and badminton, to dance, yoga and athletics.

The Arts enhance the curriculum providing a platform for creativity and individuality. Concerts, recitals, performances, and assemblies regularly highlight the talents and artistic skills of our students.

Focused on the Individual

FVS recognizes that every child is unique and encourages self-respect and self-confidence. We value not only success but also true effort. Our students are encouraged to be independent, caring, respectful and responsible citizens.

Overall our warm and vibrant learning community brings together all that is important to a successful and enjoyable education. Please, take the time to come and see for yourself why FVS is a uniquely nurturing school …where every child matters.