Deadline Approaching: Jan 31st, 2024


New Online Application

Online Application Process
  1. Begin an Enquiry through our online portal
  2. Wait to receive your account credentials – usually within 1-3 days
  3. Begin your application, upload your supporting documents and submit your application.
  4. Every application is reviewed for accuracy, documents and then invoiced for fees.
  5. Once fees are paid, complete the Parent Pre-Interview Questionnaire
  6. After the pre-interview is completed kindergarten parents are prompted to book their interview.
  7. Student Group Assessments for all students who successfully applied before the deadline
    • Kindergarten decisions are considered
    • Select grade 1-12 parents are Interviewed
      • if we have space (not all families will be chosen for an interview)
  8. Admissions Decisions are Distributed Online
Application Statuses
  1. Inquired – you have submitted an inquiry and been invited to complete the application
  2. Application Pending – you have started the application
  3. Documents Required – we received the application, but we are missing documents or information. Upload your missing information and resubmit the application
  4. Review Needed – Application in queue for review
  5. Pending Payment – Application Successful, you will be invoiced and we are awaiting payment
  6. Pre-Interview – complete the pre-interview questionnaire
  7. Pending Interview – book and complete your parent interview
  8. Pending Assessment – Assessment booked
  9. Pending Decision – awaiting decision from school
    • Offered Enrollment – you will receive a questionnaire to enroll or decline our offer
    • Waitlisted – assessment complete, application remains active for 2 years or until a space becomes available. Grade 1-12 applicants may be chosen for an interview, in which case your status will change to ‘candidate’
    • Declined Admission – not able to offer a waitlist position, application removed from system. But you may re-apply for the next year.
  10. Candidategrade 1-12 only, Assessment complete – selected for interview, return to step 9
  11. Application Incomplete – Previous steps not completed before the Application Deadline, your application becomes void and removed from our system. You may re-apply for the new academic year.

Diamond School Partnership

Crescent Heights Academy

The school amalgamation in September 2024 will open as one with a new name – Crescent Heights Academy. We are proud of the union of our two schools and what will be accomplished as we bring the students, teachers and parents together to create a dynamic and supportive school community. The amalgamation and new name marks the beginning of an exciting journey, blending the rich legacies and strengths of both schools to create a school that builds future ready learners. 

General Information:

We welcome your interest in seeking admission for your children at Fraser Valley School. Admission to Fraser Valley School is selective and highly competitive and is based on a complete review of each student as a whole person.  If you have any additional questions, please contact our admissions office at (604) 427-2282 ext-224

Admissions Procedures:

The process includes a review of all application documentation, a parent interview, and a completed student entrance assessment; we try to ensure that the student is suited for the level and style of education we offer.

Families are the central focus of our values at Fraser Valley School, and while we conduct student assessments, we also gain insight with our parent interview and communication. Please remember that completing an application does not guarantee acceptance and all offers are final decisions.

All application fees are non-refundable.


Applications for 2025 are being accepted

To be considered for 2025 enrollment, please submit your application and fees prior to Jan 31, 2024.

All 2024 waitlisted applications are forwarded to 2025


We have a new online application portal, to submit your application please visit the link below to start the enquiry process. We no longer are accepting paper application forms.

Step 1:


The first step in the application process is the submission of a completed inquiry form, upon review of your inquiry you will be upgraded and invited to complete the student application form. Upon completion of the application form with the required documents, we will create an invoice and the application fee may be paid online.

Documents Required

  • a recent photograph of the student – wallet sized
  • a copy of the student’s birth certificate
  • a copy of the student’s most recent school reports/records (grades 1-12 only)
  • a copy of a recent utility bill/rental agreement/tax statement – to verify the address
  • a completed teacher evaluation form sent directly from student’s current school
  • a copy of the student’s immunization record
  • a copy of one parent’s proof of citizenship: passport, PR card, or birth certificate.
  • $200 application fee  – non-refundable
Step 2:


All kindergarten parents are required to attend an interview. You will be contacted directly by the admissions administrator to set up your appointment.

Interviews for grades 1 to 12 will be scheduled when we have sufficient space in the application grade and after the student assessment has been completed. Submitting an application does not guarantee an interview session.

Step 3:

Entrance Assessment

All applicants are required to attend an admissions assessment at Fraser Valley School.

  • 2024 Kindergarten applications — 1 hour on (Feb 9th or 10th 2024), a mock kindergarten class
  • 2024 Grades 1-12 — (Feb 2, 2024), written exams

Any applications received AFTER the application deadline will only be assessed if we have space in the respective grade. Applications on the waitlist are automatically forwarded into the next academic year.

Step 4:


All applicants will be placed on our waitlist for the appropriate grade. Should a classroom space become available we will look at our waitlisted candidates. Applications stay on-file for up to two years.

To join the waitlist please submit your application.

Step 5:

Offer of Admission

An Offer of Admission will be emailed when a space becomes available. Our current students have enrollment priority over new applicants. In March we will begin drafting new Offers of Admission based on how many spaces become available.


Step 6:


Parents of new students have seven (7) days from receipt of the acceptance letter to notify the admissions office of their intent to enrol their child and to pay the $1250.00 tuition deposit. This will be applied to your tuition fee for the year but is not refundable if you decide to cancel your enrolment for any reason at FVS.  Your placement fee guarantees a reserved spot for your child. We ask that parents read all tuition and fee materials very carefully.