Tuition and Other Costs

  • Application Fee$200
  • Registration Fee$450
  • Tuition: K to Grade 9$11,900
  • Tuition: Grade 10-12$10,000
  • Deposit$1,250
  • 2nd Child Deposit$750
  • 3rd Child Deposit$500
  • Upon enrollment, the registration fee and tuition deposit are due.
  • Deposits are inclusive of tuition fees.
  • CCP fees are due within 3 months of enrollment.
CANCELLATIONS/WITHDRAWALS (If applicable): Crescent Heights Academy makes financial commitments to staff and facilities based upon your and other students’ registrations for the whole academic year, and thereby relies upon your full tuition to finance these commitments. Enrollment of your child/ren includes an unconditional obligation to pay tuition and fees for the full academic year.
In the unlikely event that the student does not attend, withdraws from the school for any reason, or is dismissed by Crescent Heights Academy before the end of the school year in accordance with established school policies prior to September 30th, 2024, the following cancellation Fee will be deducted from the amount of tuition fees that are eligible to be refunded:
  •   Cancellation/Withdrawal fee for withdrawal by August 31st, 2024: $3,500

  •   Cancellation/Withdrawal fee for withdrawal in September 2024: $4,000

Please note that no refunds will be issued after September 30th, 2024. 


2024/2025 Tuition Fees

To deliver a more effective and convenient payment solution for our families, CHA utilizes an Automated Fund Transfer system as our preferred method of payment for tuition and fees. This system will only be used for the expressed and sole purpose of tuition, fee payments, and the optional donation. 


Included with your tuition are: field trips fees, and student supplies

There are three tuition payment plans available, with 1, 5, or 8 instalments. Acceptable tuition payment methods are Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) or cheques. Upon registration, the tuition deposit and the registration fee are due.

Campus Campaign Program

Upon admission, parents are required to take part in the Campus Campaign Program. This program is funding our capital project of building a K-12 stand alone facility. The commitment is $15,000 per child to a maximum of $25,000 per family. These contributions are returnable to the family upon graduation or transfer.

CCP: First Child
CCP: 2nd Child
a max of $25,000.00 per family

Registration Fees

  • A non-refundable application fee of $200.00
  • A new student registration fee of $450.00

Sibling Discounts

Second Student Enrolled, $500.00

Third Student Enrolled, $750.00


**these discounts are reflected in the tuition deposit

Outdoor Education

An extra fee for outdoor education expenses is expected for all students from grade 1-12

Out-of School Care

2023/2024 OSC Rates


5 days

4 days

3 days

2 days

1 day

Kindergarten AM






Kindergarten PM






Kindergarten AM/PM






Grade 1-9 AM






Grade 1-9 PM






Grade 1-9 AM/PM






**rates are subject to change

Rates are based on full time care. If your child requires part time care, please email Clayton (K – 3)  or Cloverdale (4-9) for more information.

Other fees

  • Optional co-curricular clubs
  • Musical instruments
  • Uniforms
  • Optional Catering (hot lunch)
  • Computers: Students from Grades 6-12 may bring their own device
  • Counselling Services