Campus Campaign Program

Campus Campaign Program

Educational Institutions have many different costs and expenses, which can be broken down into two broad categories: Operating and Capital. Operating expenses are funded through a combination of tuition charges and government grants.  Capital Expenses include expenses such as the costs of acquiring land, buildings, furniture, equipment and providing our faculty and students with other new teaching resources. We do not receive government funding for these capital costs. Accordingly, the sources of funds for capital are bank borrowing, donations and parent contributions. Many independent schools have successfully utilized a parent contribution program to provide the requisite funds to pay for capital expenses and to secure financial lending as well. 

The goal of our long-term strategic plan is to create a school that our families and faculty can be proud of and offer the programs families are seeking. We know from feedback from current and incoming families that parents are searching for a K–12 experience. 

Developing high school premises is the next step for FVS. Securing land and a permanent home will solidify the future of the school and allow for a robust program as we move towards growing to a comprehensive K–12 program. The board has implemented a campus capital program starting in September 2020 for all current and incoming families. (The exception is our grade 10-12 families, as we are unfortunately not able to provide those students with the growth to high school in the new facility.) Having these funds in place is critical to ensuring we can pursue opportunities for land and building acquisition in support of the school’s expansion to high school. 

The board has set the Campus Campaign obligation at $15,000 per child to a maximum of $25,000 per family. These funds will be held separately from operating funds and will only be used for capital projects such as land and building acquisitions.  Your payment will be repaid upon your child’s graduation or leaving the school by the incoming FVS families.  

You are free to fulfill this requirement through your own financial means or financial institution.  If you choose to donate the amount of the capital instead of requesting repayment, you will receive a tax receipt for that donation.

Campus Campaign Program FAQ


What is the amount required?

  • The amount has been set at $15,000 per child to a maximum of $25,000 per family. 
Is there an ability to finance my contribution to the CCP?
  • Families can fund the CCP privately and thus simply pay it outright. Those considering financing can obtain their own bank financing or independent financing. The school is also currently working with its banking partner to develop a special financing program to provide ease of access and to ensure that all of our families are capable of supporting the growth of the school. 
How will these funds be held?
  • These funds will be held separately from operating funds and will only be used for capital projects, including, without limitation, land acquisition and building construction costs. 
When will my payment be repaid?
  • The following events will trigger the CCP repayment mechanism:
  1. your child graduates from Crescent Heights Academy; or

  2. your child is no longer enrolled as a student at Crescent Heights Academy

PROVIDED ALWAYS that each repayment will be funded by new contributions to the CCP from incoming Crescent Heights Academy families. 

Note that if there are not sufficient new contributions to the CCP to fully fund each outgoing repayment payable that school year, then your repayment will be pro-rata with other families that are entitled to a repayment during that school year. Any balance owed to departing families would then receive priority for repayment the following year.

I have two kids enrolled at the school and have contributed $25,000 to the CCP. One of my children will be leaving the school after the school year, will I be repaid $15,000 or $10,000?
  • Once your first child departs, you will be eligible to have $10,000 repaid.  As a rule, your funds will be returned so that the total amount of CCP held by the school is similar for legacy as well as new students.  This means that a family who has three children would be required to have $25,000 on deposit.  The departure of their first child would not trigger any repayment, the second child would allow $10,000 to be repaid, and the final child would allow the remaining $15,000 to be repaid.


Are my funds at risk?
  • The funds in the CCP are unsecured and are reserved to fund capital projects that will benefit the school community for years to come. Repayment of the CCP is dependent on new annual student enrollment. If incoming enrollment numbers are fewer than outgoing numbers, then that may result in a partial repayment initially and then a subsequent queuing system. We recommend you obtain independent legal and financial advice with respect to the CCP.
When is the CCP due and repaid?
  • Your contribution to the CCP is due in the month of May prior to September, when your child starts their first year at CHA. If your child enrolls after May, then your contribution to the CCP is due within 4 weeks of your child’s acceptance at CHA.  We expect that the CCP amount that is eligible to be repaid will be calculated and repaid within three months of the end of the school year.