Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to reside in Surrey in order for my child to attend FVS?

– No, as an independent school we are not required to abide by school district zoning catchment regulations. In fact, many of our students come from areas in Abbotsford to as far as Richmond.

I missed the applications deadline, may I still apply for this year?– Absolutely, we are always accepting applications for all grade levels. We do encourage our applicants to get your forms in before the deadline so each child has an equal opportunity for placement. See Application Process

What are the class size limits?

– Most grades have a class limit of 16-18 students.

What grade levels do you currently offer?

– In 2020-2021 we are offering kindergarten to grade 8.

When should I apply?

– While we accept applications year-round we recommend applying one year prior to classes beginning. Our deadline for applications is early February, with assessments to take place in mid-February. Kindergarten offers of admissions are sent in March, all other grades are sent in May. Any applications we receive after the February deadline are placed on our wait-list. See Application Process

Example: My daughter was born in November 2016, she won’t turn 5 until November 2021 – she will be starting kindergarten in September 2021. We should apply anytime from October 2020 to February 2021.

I’m on the wait-list, what happens next?

– Candidates on our wait-list are waiting for a space to become available. Once an enrolled student withdraws, we pull candidates from our wait-list. An offer letter is sent via email from our Head of School.

Being on our wait-list does not guarantee enrollment at our facility. Currently enrolled families may withdraw for a variety of different reasons, and we are unable to predict when a space will become available. Should you be placed on our wait-list, we recommend making other arrangements for alternative schools. Kindergarten spaces are highly selective and we recommend applying before February. We are unable to confirm how many spaces are currently on our wait-lists. 

I’m an international applicant, does my child need their own student visa to attend your school?

– Students may study in Canada under their parents visa, if the applicant is not travelling with their parent they must obtain their own student visa. It is highly recommended that our international students live with their parents while in Canada. Fraser Valley School is unable to provide accommodations for our international students. Students must also maintain proof of medical insurance while studying at Fraser Valley School.

What age does my child need to be to enter kindergarten at Fraser Valley School?

– The year that your child turns 5 years old is when they are required to start kindergarten. For example, if they will not be 5 years old until December 2020, they will need to begin kindergarten in September 2020. Students that were born in 2016 will begin kindergarten this upcoming September 2020. Fraser Valley School is unable to provide space for students interested in beginning kindergarten earlier than 5 years old.

Do you provide before and after-school-care?

– Fraser Valley School will be offering a before and after school care program. We have not yet introduced this programme to our current families. Please check back for more information.

Does FVS provide lunch and snacks for the students?

– Parents are responsible for providing healthy and adequate food for their children. We do provide an optional ‘Hot Lunch’ three times a week, signup is available every other month. Items include, sandwiches, pancakes, smoothies and pizza.

What is FVS’s bell schedule?

– We are open during weekdays, excluding holidays. Classes begin at 8:30 am and end at 3:15 pm. Parents are expected to pick up their children without delay. If you require after-school-care, please contact us to be placed on a waitlist-should a space become available our Administrators will contact you.

Does FVS have extra-curricular activities?

– Yes, we organize various fun & educational clubs throughout the year such as: chess, dance, lego, basketball and many others. See School Clubs

Does FVS have a parent advisory council?

– No, we don’t operate a PAC. However, FVS operates a fundraising programme and relies on parent volunteers to assist with events such as the book fair, Christmas concert and spring fete celebrations.

How do I apply?

– Please see our How to Apply page for more information about how to submit your application. You may also deliver your completed application package to our office in Langley or by mail. You may submit your applications and supporting documents via email, but we do require you to bring in your child’s original birth certificate, and any original supporting citizenship or immigration documents for the parents. We accept cheque, cash or e-transfer to ac******@fv**.ca

I’m interested in applying for my child, but I’m currently overseas and we cannot attend the interview and student evaluation. Can I still apply?

– We are required to meet all applicants before making an offer of enrollment. We can make other arrangements to review your application if needed. A valid visa is required before an offer can be made, all students may study under their parents visa. Zoom interviews are being be scheduled for all interviews and assessments.

My child has a limited knowledge of the English Language, may we still apply?

– Everyone is welcome to apply, however an intermediate understanding of the English language is recommended.

My child has some physical limitations, is there a special education assistant available?

– Every child matters and we make arrangements to include everyone in every way we can. We frequently partner with speech, physical development, social councillors and occupational therapists to enhance each students unique learning development. If you require additional support please speak to our Head of School and we would be welcome to make any arrangements that you need.

What costs are not included in the tuition?

– Tuition covers everything from field trips and school supplies to additional learning materials. Parents are required to purchase uniforms, lunches, sneakers, rain gear, a water bottle and emergency comfort packs.

How many uniforms do you suggest parents purchase?

– We recommend purchasing at least two sets of the full uniform, with one to remain for formal occasions and the other for daily wear. Two to three ties and two to four sets of physical education gym strips. You may purchase additional uniforms at any time throughout the year. Our uniforms are supplied through Cambridge Uniforms, located in North Vancouver. Our school ordering code is ELL533, see our Uniform Policy