Board of Directors
  • Chair: Jim Gilliland
  • Vice-Chair: Perminder Tung
  • Dr. Randy Garcha
  • Sonia Grewal
  • Debbie MacDougall
  • Raj Mundi
  • Vinita Sood
  • Kody Taylor
  • Zhexi Zeng


FVS is an entity of the Fraser Valley Elementary School Society, a not-for profit society led by a volunteer Board of Directors that oversee the strategic direction of the school. The Board is currently composed of nine dedicated, volunteer Board members who bring experience and expertise in finance, legal, education, human resources, marketing, land development, operations and strategy.

The Board works together to serve the school and place the long-term best interest of the school above all else.

The Board is responsible to shape and uphold the vision, mission and core values of the school. Articulating the vision and ensuring consistent congruence between decisions made and our core values is a primary function of the role of the Board.

The Board works in partnership with Head of School to determine and evaluate the strategic priorities. They have a fiduciary responsibility to protect the school’s assets and long-term viability. The Head of School together with the leadership team and faculty are responsible for implementing the strategy and managing the day-to-day operations.

Board meetings are held on a monthly basis and ad hoc as needed to ensure governance and priorities are completed as planned. In addition, the finance, Education and fundraising subcommittees meet regularly and provide updates to the Board.

Responsibilities of the Board:

 1. The Board is responsible for the long-term sustainability of the School and ensuring adequate resources to advance its mission.

2. The Board plans, develops and establishes high-level policy and assesses the performance of the school.

3. The Board is responsible for the school’s financial condition and its physical facilities.

4. The Board selects the Head of School and works cooperatively with that person. Administration of the school is delegated to the Head of School. We encourage you to review the 2018-2019 Annual Board Report for further details and exciting recent developments.

We encourage you to review the 2018-2019 Annual Board Report for further details and exciting recent developments.


Please reach out to the Board of Directors with questions or feedback by email at