Head’s Welcome

Welcome to Fraser Valley School (FVS).

Choosing the right school is a very important decision and we hope that the information on our site will be helpful in determining if FVS is the best fit for your family.

Our school is a special place where wonderful relationships develop across grade levels and among all members of our small, yet mighty, connected community. We are comprised of students, parents, faculty and staff who share the same values and vision. In this community our students are known.

At FVS we look at the big picture. We know our students have much to learn about life, so we focus on our learners’ lives in three consequential ways; knowledge, character and belonging.

We care about who they will be. We believe our learners will find meaning and purpose in life if they know who they are and how to ‘be’ in the world.

You will discover that FVS students are encouraged and supported to achieve their highest potential — academically and personally, in order for them to be knowledgeable, responsible, brave and empathic contributors.

Our warm and vibrant learning community challenges and supports each student within a safe, secure and inclusive environment. We help our students:

  • to learn, by discovering their strengths and understanding themselves and by using inquiry to ask good questions and seek answers;
  • to take action, by providing knowledge and support;
  • to do the right thing, by being principled in their thoughts, words and actions.

We value open communication between parents, teachers, and administrators which enhances our students’ learning experience. The varied learning styles, talents, and abilities of all students are provided for, with individually planned enrichment and development courses.

You will also discover that FVS is a lot of fun! We offer well-equipped classrooms where students are excited to learn. We work hard, but we believe it is important to enjoy school life, thus we encourage our students to be enthusiastic in their learning and to be learners for life.

We encourage you to visit our school and ask questions to further understand and appreciate this learning environment and how it may be the best fit for your child and your family.

Laurel Middelaer
Head of School