Learning Hub




Fraser Valley students learn through reading, doing, making, researching, tinkering and exploring. Our Learning Hub is a hub of activity where students, teachers and even parents can come to inquire, investigate, learn, research, share, create and make. Flexible table arrangements, different defined spaces and a MakerSpace area allow for students and teachers to work individually or collaboratively. This rich learning environment offers different materials, space and flexibility to support our learners as they inquire, create and innovate. The Learning Hub is a space where students have opportunities to inquire deeply into classroom Units of Inquiry and personal interests; giving students the knowledge base and skills to be able to courageously contribute to both Fraser Valley School, our local community and to the world as global citizens.


Birthday Books

This year we will be continuing with our Birthday Book Initiative. This program recognizes your child’s birthday any time of the year while helping us to put quality books on Fraser Valley School’s library shelves.  Our library is an important piece of your child’s school day and by supporting this initiative, you are showing your child how much reading matters!

When you donate a birthday book, a nameplate honouring your child’s birthday will be placed in their donated book.  Book donations can be shared on the last Monday assembly of each month. Students who bring a birthday book will be able to participate in the Birthday Book Parade by walking (physically distanced) in front of the camera to wave and show their book. Following the assembly, the book will be collected and donated to the library, where other students may check out their

We would greatly appreciate new hardcover books to help us ensure that students can enjoy these books for years to come and we encourage donations from our school Amazon Wish List. This list is regularly updated with both student and teacher requests throughout the year.