Learning for Life




Life Changing Learning emphasizes curiosity, intellect and action.

At FVS we know our learners are growing up in a fast changing world. They need to know how to access information, test the accuracy of the information and analyze the information in order to gain greater knowledge and understanding.

Most importantly, our students need to know and understand themselves – how they best learn, how they best process information, the environment that allows them to do their best work and how they can use this self-knowledge to support others in their learning.

Our academic learning environment is based on the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme which allows our students to learn within a global context; to be thoughtful and critical thinkers; and to be problem-solvers who take action.

Our well-trained and dedicated faculty support our academic program ensuring our students are well prepared for future educational and life demands.

Our students are encouraged and supported to achieve their highest potential and to develop confidence and leadership skills.

We are a uniquely caring and nurturing school community, which enhances every student’s learning experience. The varied learning styles, talents, and abilities of all our students are provided for, with individually planned enrichment and development courses.

We offer athletics and arts programming as integral components of our educational experience. The outdoor education program is an important venue for relationship building, confidence building and team building.