Arts stimulate young imaginations, challenge perceptions and develop creative and analytical skills.

Involvement in the arts encourages students to understand the arts in context and the cultural histories of artworks, supporting the development of an inquiring and empathetic world view.

Arts challenge and enrich personal identity and build awareness of the aesthetic in a real-world context.

At Fraser Valley School our arts program consists of five key disciplines.
  • Visual Arts
  • Media
  • Dramatic Arts
  • Music 
  • Dance
There are four Big Ideas in our arts curriculum:
  • Creative expression is a means to explore and share one’s identity within a community.
  • Artists experiment in a variety of ways to discover new possibilities.
  • Dance, drama, music, and visual arts are each unique languages for creating and communicating.
  • Works of art influence and are influenced by the world around us.

Our students are active participants in expressing themselves through the arts. We host several musical concerts each year where our learners are encouraged to preform solo artistic pieces and engage with their peers through group performances.