Our Faculty

Our faculty and staff give life to our community!

Our faculty members and support staff are the heart of our school; they are dedicated to the growth of our students and committed our school community.

As experienced and dedicated educators, they are passionate about delivering meaningful, well-planned programs. They work as a team to ensure that they know and celebrate each student’s individual journey.

They draw on best practices to provide a challenging academic education, emphasizing critical and compassionate thinking and a learning for life attitude within a safe environment.

Administrative Team

Social Emotional Team

Specialist Faculty

  • Health & Physical Education, K-3Lindsey Spence
  • Visual Arts & MusicSamantha Guglielmucci
  • PYP French LanguageLaura Espinosa
  • MYP French LanguageMaria Wynen
  • Library TechnicianShelby Marshall
  • Learning Strategies TeacherIra Alexandra
  • Education AssistantSandra Trionfi
  • Education AssistantA'Laura Rowe
  • Education AssistantBrittany Larlee
  • Education AssistantJason Zhuang
  • Education AssistantBonnie Bullock
  • Education AssistantEce Aydin

Homeroom Faculty

  • Kindergarten: K-1Jennifer Robertshaw
  • Kindergarten: K-2Habibah Fidow
  • Grade One: 1-ANatalie Davey
  • Grade One: 1-BChelsea Kemp
  • Grade Two: 2-AIlana Van Emmenis
  • Grade Two: 2-BLeslie Kohare
  • Grade Two: 2-CReda Khan
  • Grade Three: 3-AMandee Gahob
  • Grade Three: 3-BDania Berhan
  • Grade Four: 4-AKelly Bennett
  • Grade Four: 4-BHannah Ollonqvist
  • Grade Five: 5-AJennifer Bruntlett
  • Grade Five: 5-BAarene Thiru
  • MYP 6-a: Design & ArtsMadeline Schneider
  • MYP 6-b: English, Societies & DesignMandy Tompkins
  • MYP 7: English & SocietiesMerril Kost
  • MYP 8: Maths, Sciences & DesignShabtika Thillaiambalam
  • MYP 9: Maths, Sciences & DesignSuzie Sun
  • MYP: Design & PHEChris McCrimmon