Fraser Valley School Covid-19 Restart Plan
Revised March 30, 2021 Approved by the Ministry of Education


The virus that causes Covid-19 spreads in several ways. It can spread through droplets when a person sneezes or coughs. It can also spread if you touch a contaminated surface and then touch your face. The risk of person to person transmission increases the closer you come to the other people, the more time you spend near them, and the more people you come near. The risk of surface transmission increases when many people contact the same surface and when those contacts happen over short periods of time. 

Schools are controlled environments where measures of safety can be implemented to ensure that children and faculty can gather for full-time face to face instruction. This preliminary document outlines the learning groups, staggered recess and lunch times, arrival and dismissal protocols, as well as the safety measures that are in place to control our environment. 

Learning Groups

A learning group is a group of students and staff that remain together and primarily interact with one another. At FVS, students will spend most of their time in their individual classroom, but will join their learning group for outdoor recess breaks, and the occasional gathering in the gym. These learning groups are rarely used for any other reason. For any extracurricular clubs, learning groups will stay together. The biggest change in learning groups is that the physical distance of 2m (6.5feet) does not need to be maintained, but no physical contact is permitted in these groups. Teachers are constantly monitoring to discourage any prolonged face to face interaction, and spreading out as much as possible.  Consistent seating plans are encouraged.  However, it is best practice to encourage as much physical distancing in the classroom, when possible.


Number of Students
Learning Group
Total Number of Students
within learning group
Total Number of teachers
within learning group









































Non Learning Group Members: Specialist teachers/Leadership team, Administrative Assistants/ Library Technician/Out of School Club Teachers

Teachers of French, PE, Music, Learning Support are not assigned a specific learning group but can move between learning groups. Because of this movement, all specialist teachers will wear PPE and maintain the physical distance of 2m (6.5feet) between themselves and all students and staff. Masking doesn’t replace the priority of Physical Distancing. The Head of School, administrative support, and Vice-Principal will wear PPE, as they are not assigned to a particular learning group. 

Staggering of Recess and Lunch: Alternate locations

Staggering of Recess and Lunch: Alternate Locations

Recess times will be staggered as follows, as well as location:


  • There will be two locations used for Kindergarten and Grade Two(Playground and Gym)
  • There will be three locations used for Grade 3 – Grade 8. (Playground, Gym, and North Lot)


Grade / Learning Group
Recess Time
Lunch Recess Time

K – Grade 2 – LG: A, B, C

10:00 am – 10:15 am

12:00 – 12:30 pm

Grade 3 – 8 – LG: D, E, F

10:15 am- 10:30 am

12:30 – 1:00 pm


K1/K2 (33 students, 2 teachers)  10-10:15 and 12-12:30 Alternating gym/playground 

1A/1B (36 students, 3 teachers) 10-10:15 and 12-12:30 Alternating gym/playground 

2A/2B (36 students, 2 teachers) 10:15-10:30 and 12:30-1:00 Alternating gym/playground

3A/3B (36 students, 2 teachers) 10:15-10:30 and 12:30-1:00 Alternating gym/playground/Upper lot 

4/5 (38 students, 2 teachers) 10:15-10:30 and 12:30-1:00 Alternating gym/playground/Upper lot 

6/7/8 (28 students, 2 teachers) 10:15-10:30 and 12:30-1:00 Alternating gym/playground/Upper lot  


Food & Catering

  • FVS hot lunch program can still be in place, as this is regulated under the Food Premises Regulation. 
  • No homemade food items can be brought into the school for classroom distribution. Teachers are able to purchase packaged food items that can be distributed to students in sealed packages.
  • At FVS, sharing of food is discouraged. 

First Level Protection for Workplace: Elimination

Visitors/ Parents in the school?

At this point, we are limiting the number of adults into our building by not allowing parents to enter with their children. We have established drop off procedures and pick up procedures so that parents do not have to enter our building. 

Parents are encouraged to avoid crowding when waiting for their child to be picked up at the kindergarten entrance. Two meters must be maintained. 

Our school is completely locked, and so delivery people (couriers etc.) will have to knock for entrance. Packages will be received by our front reception people, thereby eliminating too many people on site.

All visitors to the school are required to sign in and the school keeps a record of this for 30 days. 

All parent meetings will be held virtually via ZOOM.

Occupancy Limits

-We have established that only one person enters the photocopy room at a time, and three people are allowed in our staff room at a time. 

-Weekly assemblies will be delivered virtually

– Staff meetings are now all virtual and hosted on ZOOM- Staff are encouraged to avoid face-to-face interactions, even if masked. The length of gatherings should be limited as much as possible with the guideline of 15 minutes. Windows in admin offices should be open at all times. 

– Maximum 3 people in the staff room. One at each table and one can come in to use the fridge, microwave, coffee, etc. 3 people cannot be seated in the staff room. Masks must be on unless eating or alone. Recall that most transference is ‘adult to adult’; being in the same learning group as your colleague does not mean you can remove your mask and does not make you exempt.

Drop off and Pick Up

Drop Off 8:10-8:30am (starting 5 minutes earlier to try to spread out)

K – lower door (all parents park)

1-8 – upper door (or with a K sib in lower lot)

No parking, no parents walking kids to the door.  



5-8 lower lot, don’t need to line-up

Sibling ‘holding’ area outside (each door), wait until younger sib gets picked up to join

K – lower lot at 3:10pm

1-4 – lines up in the gym, upper lot at 3:15- These are at staggered times, and all students maintain physical distance, and are in the gym for less than 15 minutes. Any potential learning group cross over is addressed by having at least 5 metres between different learning groups. 


Second Level Protection: Barriers

  • We have installed a plexiglass barrier for our reception area. This is added to our cleaning protocol each night.
  • We have added plexiglass barriers in all of our classrooms where shared tables are employed by students. All desks have plexiglass desks on them to prevent too much face to face contact.
  • Individual portable plexiglass barriers have been made so that teachers can have one on one time for student support with the use of a barrier.
  • Any faculty member that would like plexiglass around their desk has this acc’omodation installed 
  • Faculty are encouraged to host classes outside as much as possible. There is a google sign up sheet that teachers can use to book areas around the school to avoid duplicate use of space

Each classroom will be equipped with a HEPA filter and the HVAC system and filters will be monitored on a cyclical basis

The school has worked with our landlord to ensure that the HVAC system are designed, operated and maintained as per the standards and specifications in the OHS Regulations

Teachers are guided to open the classroom windows all day long. This does not have a negative effect on our HVAC system and the open windows ensure good ventilation.

Good ventilation alone cannot protect people from exposure, but it may reduce the risk of transmission when coupled with other preventative measures.

Third Level Protection: Rules and Guidelines

Movement Rules

At FVS, we  have established 2m space markers in our hallways so that students and staff are aware of the safe distance required. 

Every effort is made to avoid crowding.

Lockers: Students are only able to access their lockers in a staggered way. There is a colour coding on each locker that ensures there is at least 2 m distance between each colour. Additionally, students are masked and asked to avoid crowding by stepping aside if another student is approaching. 


Rules for Mask Use are as follows:

 Grades 2-8 students masked when moving about/away from plexiglass barrier or outside. 

  • All teachers must wear masks at all times around students (including your own learning group) unless behind a barrier. 
  • When you are teaching, if there is a distance of at least 3 metres between you and the nearest student, you may take your mask off for a brief moment to communicate.
  • Masked when outside for all duties (arrival, dismissal, recess). (Can pull down to communicate to the whole group when distanced outside.)
  • Role modelling is essential to our children, but a reminder that adult to child or adult to adult are the highest levels of transference.
  • Students do not need to wear a mask upon arrival in grades K-5 as there is a good social distance with our staggered arrival. Grade 6-8 must mask at all times in our school.

Grades 4-8 students  are masked at all times in our school, even when sitting behind the plexiglass barrier. Grade kindergarten to grade 3 are strongly encouraged to wear a mask moving about/away from plexiglass barrier and in hallways. 

  • All teachers must wear masks at all times around students (including your own learning group) even behind a barrier. 
  • When you are teaching, if there is a distance of at least 3 metres between you and the nearest student, you may take your mask off for a brief moment to communicate.
  • Masked when outside for all duties (arrival, dismissal, recess). (Can pull down to communicate to the whole group when distanced outside.)
  • Role modelling is essential to our children, but a reminder that adult to child or adult to adult are the highest levels of transference.
  • Students in grade 4-8 must wear a mask upon arrival and must mask at all times in our school.

For travel in the hallway, we have added a buffer time of 5 minutes on our PE classes so that there are no classes at the same time.  For recess, the students are sent to different alternating areas. We will ensure that there are protocols for ensuring that the hallway is clear before anyone else enters it. If students walk in a hallway and social distancing cannot be maintained, students must wear a mask. All classrooms are equipped with single use masks for all students. First Aid bags all have enough masks for all students in the event of an unexpected emergency exit.


  • All safety protocols will be reviewed with our teachers via FVS WEEK at a GLANCE.  All agenda items are recorded in our permanent minutes on our shared drive.
  • We have established one directional staircases with floor signage indicating direction and flow.
  • We have established designated work spaces for the specialist teachers (in the library) to minimize their transmission, and have specific lockers for them to store their belongings. 
  • All students have their own locker or cubby to store their belongings. After storing personal items or touching personal items, they must sanitize or wash their hands.

Physical Education

At FVS, for instruction, all teachers will wear a mask. They will keep a 3 meter distance when giving instructions and the mask can be removed for instructions as this is the workspace.

  • In PE classes, the messaging is to reduce crowding and avoid face to face. We will modify the games so that spacing can be maintained. 
  • At FVS, we have defined high intensity activities as running activities, breathing heavily, breaking a sweat, having a hard time finishing a sentence eg. Beat test.  These activities will only be completed outside.
  • At FVS, we  will wear masks for low intensity activities; when the mask is wet, they will replace it. 
  • For cleaning the daytime porter will sanitize the equipment after each period

Overall, the messaging is to reduce crowding and avoid face to face interactions.

Modify game and activities so that spacing can be maintained.

Fourth Level Protection: Implement effective cleaning and hygiene practices

Cleaning and Hygiene protocol:

-All surfaces (desks, chairs, arms of chairs, door handles, surface) will be disinfected prior to the children arriving

Teachers working at shared desk space with disinfect the surface area between each use

-Twice a day these surface areas will be disinfected- each time that students leave the class, the custodian will disinfect table tops and surface areas.

-Washrooms will be cleaned and disinfected every two hours

– We will remind the children not to touch their face, and to cough into a tissue or their elbow- this will be formally taught to the children.

  • Hand sanitizer (over 60% alcohol) will be in the classroom
  • Hand washing will occur as follows:

Upon entrance to the building and each time into the classroom

Before and after washroom

Before and after eating

Before and after outdoor play


Cleaning materials

-all efforts will be made to ensure that there is no sharing of materials. Students will have their own individual supply package for their own personal use. 

– Children in primary classes will have their own ‘manipulatives’ or hands on learning materials. These will be cleaned and disinfected at the end of the week, and left for 48 hours before the next use.

-Library books will be circulated by students ordering online. Once returned, they are disinfected, and then a waiting period of 48 hours before being reshelved. 

-PE Material is sanitized after each class, and cannot be used until this cleaning has been completed. 

Music materials are sanitized after each class. 

-Outdoor Play items are sanitized once brought in after play

  • Each staff member and child will be verbally asked how they are feeling, and a visual assessment for symptoms will be conducted. An infrared forehead thermometer will be used upon entrance to the school . We will have extra infrared thermometers for each hallway.
  • New K-12 Health Check App
    The Ministry of Education has worked with Public Health and the BCCDC to create a daily health check website and mobile app for students and their parents to complete before heading to school in the morning. The website and app will contain the most up-to-date BC health guideline information.
    The design of the app was developed in collaboration with BC students to create an age-appropriate user-experience. It will allow for students and their parents to make the best decisions on whether to attend school, not to attend school, or take other measures based on the information they provide.
    The health check application will be available online as a mobile enabled website, and an iPhone application
  • Anyone with a fever or any symptom will be isolated in our office area, required to wear a mask, and they will be sent home.  Parents must pick up students with symptoms within 1 hour.
  • All parents will have an updated screening checklist sent to them (and on our new website) that they must agree to review with their child each day (Centre for Disease Control). Our in-house screening is secondary screening. 
  • Each staff member will also have to sign in and fill out a health screening form – the new norm is NOT to come in if you are sick. TOC coverage will be completed by the school.  
  • Any student or adult who has cold, influenza, or Covid-19 like symptom should seek assessment from a health care practitioner and self-isolate while they await results
  • Parents will be asked to submit information to the school regarding any pre-existing condition that would present symptoms of Covid-19. Seasonal allergies, asthma etc.
  • If there is any confirmed case of Covid- 19, Fraser Health will inform the school, and the school will adhere to their recommendations and protocol.


We have established a Guidelines for Working at School during Covid-19 agreement as follows:

Guidelines for employees working at school during COVID-19

Fraser Valley School believes employee safety is of paramount concern during a pandemic event such as COVID-19. To that end, Fraser Valley School has implemented a set of safety protocols and guidelines that must be followed by each employee coming into the office to ensure that they not only are individually safe, but that the safety of their coworkers is also maintained.  Each employee who is considering coming back into the office will be required to work with their team lead to coordinate their return, ensure that any equipment needs are met and that they sign off on this document indicating they understand the protocols that they must follow.


Employee safety
  • The government of Canada, provincial and local jurisdictions have published general guidelines for health safety while the COVID-19 pandemic is active.  Each employee needs to familiarize themselves with these guidelines including:
  • Maintaining a 2 metre (6 foot) distance from others at all times.
  • No groups of more than six people are allowed.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content.
  • Avoid touching your face with your hands.
  • Stay at home in self isolation as much as possible.
Transit to and from the school
  •       If an employee needs to use public transport to the school will provide personal protection equipment like masks and gloves to minimize the risk of exposure while using public transit.  If the items supplied are single use, they should be disposed of safely once the employee is back home or in the office.
  •       While on public transit, try to maintain a two metre distance from any other passengers.
Entry and exit into the building
  •       Each person coming into the school will need to sign in indicating that they will be in the school.  This applies to after hours visits also, including weekends.  
  •       Each person entering the building needs to wash their hands using the sanitizer in the main floor lobby area.
  •       Each person exiting the building needs to wash their hands using the sanitizer in the main floor lobby area after leaving the office.
Working in the school
  •       Meetings at this time are restricted to virtual. Physical Distancing can be maintained fro collaborative planning in our Hub. 
  •       If you are in a meeting room, each person needs to wipe down the meeting area they used and the doorknob.
  •       Keep your desk area clean and neat.  There are disinfecting wipes that can be used to maintain your area.
  •       For community items like printers, office supplies, etc., avoid direct contact if possible. If direct contact is unavoidable, wash your hands after use.
  •       Avoid community areas like the staff room.  If you need to go into the staff room, please keep the staff count in the kitchen to no more than two people. Try to use paper towel to handle things like refrigerator doors.  Wash your hands after grabbing what you need.
  •       Try to avoid directly touching the doors to enter the washrooms and when exiting, use the paper towels in the washrooms to avoid direct contact.
  •       Each person needs to ensure there is a minimum of two meters/six feet between you and anyone else that might also be in the office and maintain this distance.


What if I feel sick

If you feel sick at any time within a 2-week period of coming into the office, you must notify Laurel or Natalie immediately of the illness and self-isolate at home or if the illness progresses, seek immediate medical attention.  If you have been exposed to someone in your home who exhibits the symptoms of COVID-19, you also need to self-isolate at home for 14 days. If you have been exposed to someone outside your home who might be ill, you should contact 811 and get medical advice. Remember, you are protecting the safety of your co-workers when you self-isolate, even if the illness seems minor.

Summing it up

The purpose of this guideline document is to ensure employees are as safe as possible and that they continue to be safe while working from the office. 


As an employee, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Fraser Valley School working at school guidelines, that I know conditions might change with little to no notice and that it is my responsibility to act in a safe manner for my coworkers and my own health.  This document will be retained by my team lead for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


We value our relationship with our parents and understand how important it is to maintain connections as we grow and deepen our community.  Please refer to our weekly newsletter each Friday, and follow on BLOOMZ for daily updates from your child’s teacher, as well as any broadcast message from our administration. 

Review our new student drop-off procedures, daily health screening, and distancing practices.