Senior Program

We’re expanding to include grade 12 in September 2024

Prior to the Fraser Valley School (FVS) and Diamond School (DS) amalgamation slated for September 2024, FVS added grade 9 in September 2023 – our first senior level class.  Contact the FVS admissions office to inquire about this unique opportunity to join our growing schools.


Our leadership team, faculty and Board believe FVS has an incredible opportunity to provide a program that considers all current educational understanding and trends so our students will be well-prepared for future educational paths and for their life.

We are currently working with educational consultants to gain a good understanding of all the options.  

The program will ensure the delivery of our mission; our learners know and care for themselves, know and care for others and are known and cared for in a rich academic environment.  

As our students leave their Fraser Valley School home and step out into the world at graduation, they will be equipped with the character to provide leadership, thought, understanding, knowledge, skills, energy, and curiosity – they will know how to ‘be’ in the world.