Clayton Campus

19533 64th Avenue

Surrey, British Columbia

V3S 4J3

Cloverdale Campus

17465 60th Avenue

Surrey, British Columbia

V3S 1T9

Diamond Campus

18620 56 Avenue

Surrey, British Columbia

V3S 1G1


Re-enrollment for our current students is now open, and we are pleased to re-enroll your child  for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year. We feel that your child and family are an important part of what will make Crescent Heights Academy an exceptional place to learn, play, grow, and work. We look forward to more of your positive contributions to our school community over the course of the upcoming year, and we would like to invite your family to continue as part of our growing community. Please read the following information carefully to understand our re-enrollment process:

OUR SCHOOL: The purpose of Crescent Heights Academy will be to offer a well-rounded, unique educational experience to our students. Our educational program focuses on both academic excellence and social awareness. We strive to instill in students an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of the community in which they live. It is a fundamental goal of our school to ensure students believe in themselves and recognize the part they must play to make our world a better place. To do that, a cornerstone of our educational philosophy is to promote kindness, cooperation, respect for others, and to teach students to honor and celebrate their diversity. These values will always remain at the heart of what we do at Diamond School.

24-25 TUITION AND FEES: The Board of Directors (BOD) has set tuition rates for next year and the fee schedule follows this letter for your reference. The board continues its commitment to making CHA an affordable choice in the independent school community. As is the case every year, tuition and fees are reviewed and adjusted annually, with the goal of ensuring we can continue to provide an exceptional educational experience for our students. Each year our tuition and fees are set to help balance the financial obligations of attracting and retaining exceptional faculty members with competitive salaries, general increase in cost, and future capital expenditures required to offer quality core and specialty programs. These items all play a role in tuition levels and influence our desire to remain financially accessible.

This year’s increase is also influenced by the recently negotiated BCTF agreement and associated salary grid for the Surrey School District (SD36) as mentioned at the parent ZOOM session on February 13. Diamond School supports fair remuneration of our teachers as well as a robust benefit program.

FINANCIAL CONSIDERATIONS: It is extremely important to our school that financial concerns are not a deterrent to any family joining or continuing to be part of our community. We encourage any families who find the tuition and fees create difficulties to confidentially email and complete an application through Apple Financial Services using We will then work with you to find an accommodation that will meet the needs of your individual circumstances.

DONATIONS: To only raise tuition as much as is absolutely necessary, we invite families to make a tax-deductible donation that will help purchase the “extras” for our programs. In the past we have invited a $200 per student, but ask you to consider an amount suitable to your circumstances.

These tax-deductible donations last year helped us purchase technology, literary, and instructional resources for our school. Donations are a key part of our growth strategy here at CHA to excel as a place of learning, and to attract and retain top students and faculty.  We

Thank you in advance for your contributions to FVS, whether it be through volunteering, fundraising, donating, and recommending FVS to friends. Please write your donation as a separate cheque for accounting purposes or select for this option in the Pre-authorized Debit form included in this package.

CAMPUS CAPITAL PROGRAM: Capital expenses are the costs incurred for the development and construction of facilities. There is no government funding for these capital costs. The sources of funds for the capital investments for land and building are bank borrowing, donations, and parent participation. CHA will be using a Capital Campaign Program (CCP) that many other successful independent schools have used to provide for capital cost expenditures and secure financial lending for land and facilities. The CCP commenced in September 2020 and remains applicable to all current and incoming families.

The CCP amount has been set at $15,000 per child to a maximum of $25,000 per family.  These funds are held separately from our operating funds and will be used for facility development projects. Your payment will be repaid upon graduation or leaving the school by incoming families.  

THE BOARD of DIRECTORS: Maintaining transparency is a priority for the board, and we have been working hard in the past year to evolve the board governance to best meet the needs of our growing community. Current board members are Jim Gilliland (Kylie, grade 8, Spencer, grade 6), Perminder Tung (Amira, grade 7, Jovin, grade 5), Sonia Grewal (former FVS parent), Randy Garcha (Hannah, grade 6, Shaan, grade 3), Raj Mundi (Amaya, grade 7, Amryn, grade 5), Vinita Sharma (Krish, grade 6, Niam, grade 4, Siya, grade 1),  Harry Zeng (Aaron, grade 6 and Alex grade 4, Emily, kindergarten) and Debbie MacDougall (founding Southridge parent).  We will be looking to augment the board with additional members including the DS community.

Kindly complete your re-enrollment offer indicating your acceptance by March 1, 2024. If you have any concerns or questions regarding re-enrollment, please contact our Head of School, Mrs. Middelaer to discuss them prior to the deadline.

Thank you for your support and your commitment to our community of courageous contributors. These are very exciting days with an accelerated timeline for our school’s growth and facility development. We are so pleased that you are along with us as we continue to build a wonderful school for our children.